Eurobridge Recruitment

The stark reality is that the number of individuals who are top performers and whom you would wish to employ are very limited in number.  Furthermore, they probably are not on the job market as they are being successful in their existing companies and their employers wish to retain them.

We work with you to identify the profile of your preferred candidate. Then we research likely individuals and invite them to an informal meeting where we explore their current situation, salary and prospects.  Only if we believe they will meet your expectations and their wage and career aspirations do we take it to the next step. 

We then interview the candidates in detail regarding their employment history and qualifications and only after passing our rigorous interview do we submit their CV to you.

Our aim is to submit a very limited number of CVs of individuals who will meet and exceed your expectations.

We follow the candidate through the entire process to ensure that no unforeseen issues arise which might jeopardise them joining your company, right up until the day they start work, and beyond.

If you would like us to look into your recruitment needs then please call us on the number below or click on the link to send us an email.

Eurobridge Technology

Eurobridge Technology is focused on increasing sales revenue for the companies we work with.

Our experts will work with you to identify the issues that your company wishes to address.  Step 1 is then to build, submit and agree a plan to achieve your goals.

Our experience tells us that we need to take the sales team with us if we wish to deliver the plan, so a major part of what we do is to work directly with your sales teams, where appropriate.

A key part of  the work we do, is to identify and research new sales opportunities and build a plan to deliver leads from marketing into the sales teams. 

We have a great deal of experience in building channels to market in the UK, USA and across the rest of Europe - a necessary part of any modern growth strategy.

Our experience working with sales directors helps them to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their processes and people.  This helps us to identify areas to improve productivity and effectiveness.

This process also helps us to identify where your sales teams need support.

The first step to building a modern sales organisation is to contact us to set up an informal, confidential meeting.  Please call us on the number below or click on the link to send us an email.

To send us an email go to our contact page.

Alternatively you can telephone us on 0207 743 6504